How old is everyone?

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How old is everyone?

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 21:15

Star-Demon wrote: Vote up!
silentthief wrote: I am 34, WM, work a dead end minimum wage job and I am getting set up to return to school soon to pursue linux admin. I am good enough with programming to be able to script very well but not yet good enough to work on large scale projects like this (part of the schooling - programming).

ps, I will let you all know if I manage to get where I can be of assistance like as a coder/developer/contributer
ape wrote: The first point should be "less or equal 20" :D
Star-Demon wrote:
ape wrote:The first point should be "less or equal 20" :D
Vance987 wrote: I turned 15 in July. ^o^
fallenwizard wrote: 21 since 20.08.2010 :)
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