Intro, Greetings!

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Intro, Greetings!

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 21:11

Star-Demon wrote: Hey folks! I'm Star-Demon, and it goes without saying that I loved Morrowind, and after watching the project go on for a while, and seeing the progress go on around the Modding community with MGE and OPENMW, I decided to register up and get involved, and hopefully get this thing a little sooner.

I have some simple mods of my own up on TESNexus and Fallout3Nexus.

I do programming, I also work with Blender3D. I wanted to join up here to hone my skills and get into a more serious project where I can learn more.

I got my development stuff set up properly (I think), and I'll be spending some free time first looking over how everything is and writing up guides for others, which also helps myself to learn what you folks have so far and what I can personally contribute to it.

Nice to meetcha!
nicolay wrote: Hey SD, and welcome to the project!
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