Mods for Morrowind

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Mods for Morrowind

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 20:19

Vance987 wrote: I'm just curious what other mods ppl have on the forums. All of what I'm posting right now is on my flash drive (4gb) and I'm wanting to download some new ones once I get my computer next month. (after july) So here they are. Tell me of any new mods I should dl. ;)

Better Heads
Greater Dwemer Ruins
Texture Fix
Texture Fix Bloodmoon
Tamriel Rebuilt 1 and 2
Improved No Glow
Better Bodies
DN 1st Person Enhanced
Weathered Signs
Master Index
BC Sounds
Beds 4 Rent
Trib Integration
Cliff Racers V1
Werewolf Evolution
Vampire Werewolf
Persuasion Response Expansion
Vamp Doors Trib and Blood
Improved Followers
Galsiahs Character Development
Statue Replacer - Normal
Drug Realism
Book Jackets
Morrowind Crafting 2.1
Better Clothes
Wesly's Master Headpack X
Protective Guards
Guild Salaries
Creatures X
Tireless Running
Playable Ashlander Hairs V1
New Beast Bodies
Arrow De-nocker
Erengard Mines
Fliggs Slave Mod
Animated Morrowind
Better Skulls
Scripted Spells

Second Party Programs


And lots of texture mods from vality, darknut, and other ppl. :)
sir_herrbatka wrote: stop thinking about openmw as a mod :evil:

at the moment i don't have MW installed but I always use Creatures X, HELUVA awesome weapons/armors, GCD and some quest mods (horror mod, oluhan and other).
Vance987 wrote: Okay well I never said openmw was a mod. I was asking what other mods ppl had so when I got my computer I could dl some new ones. I don't know where you get this idea that I think openmw is a mod. I know it's the actual engine so idk what you mean. And I'm going to check out what heluva and the horror mod is, thx. ;)
sir_herrbatka wrote: oh sry :lol:

Try the horror mod, it's good (not so scary) ;)
juanoleso wrote: i like

necessities of morrowind

and I feel that

children of morrowind

fills a hole in morrowind.
Vance987 wrote: I used to have necessities of morrowind, but it added alot of stuff that made some of my mods incompatible like morrowind crafting and DN 1st person enhanced. And also I tried downloading children of morrowind, but I kept finding npc's with missing textures for some reason. (mostly beast bodies for com) It was a year ago and they probably have newer versions out. (I hope) Because it would be really neat to have kids in morrowind. Makes age more realistic. ;)
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