Poem lol

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Poem lol

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 20:11

Vance987 wrote: Since I am very Very VERY VERRRRRRRRYYY bored... and have no life. (lol)
I decided to write a poem about Morrowind! :D It's basically the poem from the main quest.

Prophecy Fulfilled

Holy grail, shine your light.
In the mountains, the beasts have blight.
Fear not, for I am watchful.
There is a hero among us, have mercy.

Timid you are, but time will tell.
I shall control you, so all is well.
Shine your light, kill the beasts.
Talk to your master, he will guide you.

Become stronger, hold on the your purpose.
Don't shed tears, the end is coming near.
Be wary of the tombs, they have corpus.
Praise the gods, they will cure you.

Sleep today you will be finally alive.
Hold your breath, the end is here.
Slay the demon, claim what's yours.
Why didn't you believe me, the time before?

Holy grail, go to sleep.
In the mountains, the animals weep.
Fear not, for I am still here.
There is a hero among us, prophecy fulfilled.

Sooooo what do you think? I think I got the corpus part wrong... can it be cured by praying at the shrines? Idk...
Vance987 wrote: Nobody likes my poem. :oops:
nicolay wrote: Nice. Of course, the perfect medium for this would be an in-game book ;)
Vance987 wrote: Yeah lol. I was... actually writing a book... XD That was the back cover of the thingy lol.
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