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Missing Stuff

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 19:38

Zini wrote: I had several reports about PMs and forum postings mysteriously disappearing. Do we have a technical forum problem?
sir_herrbatka wrote: Well, I want to add that the problem showed up when I changed board style.
Lordrea wrote: Hrm. Moderator logs don't show anyone deleting anything.

What styles were you switching to/from? Need more details.
Zini wrote: The person, who was complaining about missing forum postings, is pvdk.

@pvdk: Can you verify that it is a style issue?
sir_herrbatka wrote: dear god! I rly should start read posts before i answer. Ignore my post plz.
pvdk wrote:
Zini wrote:@pvdk: Can you verify that it is a style issue?
Sorry for the late reply, don't read this forum very often. I had one post missing using the DarkFantasy style. Did not happen again so I guess it was just my fault or something.
Lordrea wrote: Hrm.

Okay. If you (or anyone else) gets an issue like that again, should post here with details.
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