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Current Features

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 18:45

sir_herrbatka wrote: Hi,

I think that it's about time to add "current features", "in progress" and "still to do" to our FAQ. At the moment we have only features of D code - this is not completly ok IMO.
Zini wrote: Makes sense. The old D code is almost completely gone, so the whole section could be replaced as well.
sir_herrbatka wrote: Sure, we would have to remove Old OpenMW features from wiki at some point anyway. We can do this now.

So what is the features list for Monkey Stopper Suprime. I know, that i SHOULD be the best person to ask to... but I'm not.
Zini wrote: From my memory (probably not 100% precise):

- loading of a single esm file
- loading of resources from bsa files and partially from the file system
- rendering of interior cells (creature/NPC rendering in very early stage)
- parts of the GUI
- partial implementation of health, magicka and fatigue
- script controlled sounds
- some object related sounds (only lights so far)
- interaction with objects (only provisional)
- moving between interior cells
- locks on doors (keys not handled yet)
- picking up objects
- most of the script syntax (only missing the x.y construct and targeted scripts)
- a part of the script instructions (you might want to make a rough count on this page ... 8status%29, so you can give an estimate)
sir_herrbatka wrote: copy-pasted

We can correct it later.
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