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Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 18:40

pogzy wrote: Hi,

The wiki style is quite rough, there is no logo. Does anybody has access to css to try to improve the style.

There is Free Mediawiki Skins that perhaps could help any volunteer.
athile wrote: I'm not a MediaWiki expert, so this might be incorrect, but...

I believe it's not too hard to allow users to modify the CSS of the wiki from the wiki itself.

1) Modify LocalSettings.php to create a new group with rights to edit pages in the "MediaWiki:" namespace:

$wgGroupPermissions['userswithinterfacerights']['editinterface'] = true;

2) When logged in as admin, go to the special pages Special:UserRights page and add whatever users you want to the new group 'userswithinterfacerights'.

3) Those users should then be able to edit the MediaWiki:Common.css page to improve the less-than-thoroughly-polished default Monobook style.

....or, if you trust everyone you could combine steps 1-3 and give all registered users rights to modify the MediaWiki namespace:

$wgGroupPermissions['users']['editinterface'] = true;

That'd be simpler.
willrandship wrote: The logo is actually part of the HTML source. I was thinking the logo for the forums would fit nicely, but I really liked the look of the old sourceforge page the best, myself.

If anyone can change the site's html, the logo is under

Code: Select all

<div class="portlet" id="p-logo">
        <a style="background-image: url(/wiki/skins/common/images/wiki.png);" href="/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page" title="Visit the main page [z]" accesskey="z"></a>

and the image url is right there. Luck for us it's already based on within the server's filesystem, so change /wiki/skins etc to /forum/styles/DarkFantasy/imageset/site_logo.png and it should just work!
nicolay wrote: Just a FYI, any changes beyond what's possible through the web interface have to go through Lordrea, since it's his hosting. I think we should figure out specifically what we want to change first so we don't bother him needlessly.

Any good suggestions for a skin/logo?
Cyber-Kun wrote: A logo is a bit of a problem for this. The main part of the logo should somehow show the quality of the remake, being completely upgraded from the original code wise. I don't have a good idea how to show that on a logo. Screenshots and larger images are easy enough though.
heilkitty wrote: More a concept than an actual pre-logo:
I can't post imgs to the forum so here's a link.
Dunno about "completely upgraded", but it surely does symbolize open source nature of OpenMW.
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