remove old wiki?

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remove old wiki?

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 18:31

pogzy wrote: Hi,

It could be nice to remove the old wiki.

All pages have been moved. I've just moved screenshots. I've update the image to make them less dark, if this is not OK, this images should be replaced by other screenshots. It was very dark on my screen.
Vance987 wrote: If the new wiki is all ready, go ahead and remove the old one! Make room for the new. The only thing I want to ask is on the new wiki... There's no icon on the top left corner of the screen. At least not on my computer. Could you fix that?
pogzy wrote: I don't have grant access to remove the old wiki, only Nerevar can 8-)

I don't know how to change the icon on the wiki. If I had access, I tried to change it. There is also some work to do on css and style, the look of the old wiki/web site was not that bad, or may be take some css from the forum.

I've tried to look how translated articles are done on media wiki but can not recreate the other langagues as seen on Mediawiki pages, there should be something that is not present or set on OpenMW wiki.

If anibody could hep and set links for translated pages, there I could try to translate some pages (in French).
Vance987 wrote: Ok, thanks for telling me that. The wiki should be more open though.. It even asks to add new content on it. It's impossible to do anything except to read posts if you're not allowed to create an account. :cry:
Lordrea wrote: Nico will have to remove the old wiki when he is ready.

I'm not sure what is missing from my latest install of Mediawiki. I'll poke around a bit more (and install the logo that was made a while back) later.

@Vance987: I replied to your other thread, and made a new sticky in the wiki forum for how to edit the wiki.
pogzy wrote: A backup of the old wiki should be done before removing it, it least any files related to style (css files, images, etc.)

In case we want to use them later, even if it could be nicer to have the same style on forum and on the wiki.
nicolay wrote: I've updated most of the old wiki pages with a large header that says we've moved. I will delete the old page some time later.
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