WIKI: wishlist and ideas

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WIKI: wishlist and ideas

Post by lgromanowski » 22 Aug 2011, 18:30

pogzy wrote: Hi,

I copied the wishlist from the old wiki to the new one. Then I was planning to copy Ideas series of articles to the new wiki. It doesnâ??t seem that ideas are linked to other pages of the wiki.

In the wishlist there are plenty of ideas, some of them are technical (support for multi-core CPUs, etc.), some of them are concerning OpenMW new features (multiplayer), other ones are concerning vanilla game system with improvements (ergonomic stuff that don't change the game itself).

It could help to merge ideas series of articles with the wishlist, and reorganize the merge. I have no idea in the way to present wishlist and ideas in a better way, more readable and more useful. As it is now, I find it difficult to read and don't see how it will be workable. There are no clue for items that will be coded, items that could be coded, and items that probably won't be coded.

If anybody knows how to present these pages in a better way, please help?

willrandship wrote: Why not impliment the scroll from the sourceforge homepage? It looks nice, and it would be fitting for the wiki, providing everything would still fit.
nicolay wrote: I don't know how we can organize this either. But I definitely agree that the current wishlist is a mess. However it's sort of like a dumping ground for ideas that we can sift through later, so there's no harm in keeping it like that for now.

I think setting up "idea pages" is a great idea though, maybe linked from a separate page that lists concepts, or make a list at the top of the wishlist, or something else.

In any case it's not hard to change things later, so if you want to try organizing things and create new pages, that'd be great. Any thoughts?
Lordrea wrote: Ideas tend to be fluffy, and not all of them will be used.

As the wiki tends to be more 'permanent' storage than the forum, I'd suggest we use the feature suggestion forum for ideas. There, the ideas can be discussed and brainstormed. When actual code starts to be written, or an idea has been 'accepted' to be standard to OpenMW, documenting it via the wiki would be a good idea.
pogzy wrote: I think that the wiki can be used to sort Ideas and whish list in several categories:

- Ideas that probably will find their way to the code
-- The ones that will be in the code the near future
-- The ones that will be later, or perhaps in a very long time

- Idea that probably won't never reach the code (an explanation should be given).

By this mean, wiki could be more permanent storage AND give the admitted arbitrations to the many ideas that have raised.

I start to test a table view of wiki whishlist, could you tell me if you find it better, so that I will move all whishes in this table.

Tell me if I put one big table, severall ones, some other columns, etc.

Once done, it could be related to the roadmap (we absolutly need one) and plan the near future, gain some devs, keep growing...
best regards,