World Map in Vanilla MW

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World Map in Vanilla MW

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 21:55

Greendogo wrote: Vality7 just released some world map mods that alter how the world map works and there is some interesting information in his thread on how the vanilla engine deals with the world map.

In case there's anything there that might give someone an idea, here's the thread: ... ry17418073

I think the code that deals with the world map could be started once the terrain stuff is done. Something to think about for 0.12. The dialog that contains the world map could then be started (right?).

Adding support for altering the appearance of the world map (akin to what Vality7 is doing for the vanilla engine) is also something to take into account later maybe.
Zini wrote: I haven't given the world map any thought yet. In theory we could do it in 0.12.0 (assuming the terrain implementation in 0.11.0 works out).

If there will be somebody interested in implementing it, is a different question. On my priority list the global map is pretty low (the implementation of no other feature depends on the global map being implemented first). I am not planning to add it to the 0.12.0 roadmap, unless somebody explicitly asks for this tasks.
Greendogo wrote: Yeah, it isn't very important since it's progress doesn't hold anything back.
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