Member/Contributor Status?

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Member/Contributor Status?

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 21:34

Star-Demon wrote: Well, Spring 2011 has started for me, so I know I'm kinda out of the game for a bit, since I'll be learning all about and developing some Decision Support Systems, doing Discrete math and calc, and working with fancy data structures.

It kinda occurs to me that we should have some sort of way of people letting everyone know what their status is - something easy to change for them and easy to see for other contributors.

I was thinking a contributor status page on the wiki, or the individual user pages, but there has to be an easier way we can do with what we have now.
heilkitty wrote: Forum signatures, statuses or something on github.
chewit wrote: I am still around. Just dont have a whole lot to do until release time. Though, if anyone does have any jobs for me to do, possibly work on wiki, I am all ears!
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