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A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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Want to enjoy

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 21:33

Atrill wrote: Hi!
What I must know to enjoy the OpenMW?

My knowledges: Lynux System (slackware), C/C++/C#, XML/XLST, 3d modelling, morrowind mod creation.
Do not know: Orge, sound programming.

Ready to study something.
Really want to help this project.
Zini wrote: From what I understand you want to take part in OpenMW development as a coder.

First step would be to create an account on github and to fork the OpenMW project. Then make yourself familiar with git (github has plenty of documentation).
Then see if you can clone and build OpenMW yourself. At this point you might want to browse the OpenMW code a bit, so you get an idea what you are dealing with.

Once everything is set up and configured correctly, you are ready to start coding. We have a roadmap with a large number of open tasks.
If you find something that suits you, make a forum post (in the Development section) to see, if we can provide additional input. If you are unable to find something suitable (or you are unsure about your ability to handle a task), we can provide further assistance.
Atrill wrote: Hello again!
A delay has been because decides on the work - now turn from the office to work at home.
Already maked a working version and closely study the GIT.
I really hope that soon proceed to work.
Also hope that you will help me with references to literature where I have something I do not understand (for example, not known Ogre).
Star-Demon wrote: Welcome!

I think it's really cool that you're joining up and getting involved. I know that there's a lot of boundaries we're crossing in order to work together on this. Just thought I'd give compliments to everyone trying to cross language barriers to join us!

My German is very rusty, unfortunately. :(
Zini wrote: I wouldn't focus too much on OGRE. Nearly all easy and semi-easy rendering-related tasks have already been taken. What remains is extremely fiddly and will require awful lot of documentation reading and research (not only OGRE).

Actually we are starting to run out of easy entry-level tasks. The only one I can think of is this here: http://bugs.openmw.org/issues/18 . Boring, but a good choice, if you want to become accustomed to the development process.

If you don't mind getting into a new library on your own, MyGUI would be the right choice. The library was chosen by the previous project leader and we currently don't have anyone working with it, but there are many GUI-related tasks.
I am someone reluctant to give them out to a newcomer, since we don't have anyone with expertise on this library, who can give you advice.

We probably will have a new release in 1-3 weeks. After the release I will put together a new roadmap for OpenMW 0.12.0. This should provide some more opportunities for participation.

btw. If you want to participate in the development process, you should also sign up at our bug-tracker (http://bugs.openmw.org/). It currently requires a separate account.

Edit: Also, we upgraded our developer documentation since your first posting (still WIP). Have a look at this page:

http://openmw.org/wiki/index.php?title= ... _Reference

Especially important is the "Policies and Standards" section.
gus wrote: Hi!
Also hope that you will help me with references to literature where I have something I do not understand (for example, not known Ogre).
don't worry ;)
I was also worried at first by the size of the project and such, but other coders (especially zinni!) are always there to give a hand.
Atrill wrote: Thanx for all.
I think need some time to understand how organaized development process and code.
MyGUI may be good variant and this evening I try to study some documentation.
Atrill wrote: LOL. MyGUI has been writen by Russian developers (for example, I am Russian).
Also find and speak with delevelopers to learn all good.
Zini wrote: Great! Let me know when you are ready for your first task. I suggest you start with something easy like the MessageBox window. We can talk about it in detail once you got yourself familiarised with MyGUI.
Atrill wrote: Latest news: I want to know how making MyGUI projects from zero. While I learn it, I go to needeing to know OGRE. Now: learn OGRE by tutoruals. This is evil. Even those OGRE tutorials not enought. Need to f*ucking and to additional tinkering Forums. But usually build some simple ogre projects.
Star-Demon wrote: Go HERE for my adventures learning OGRE through advanced framework, I also describe some other lacking tutorials and beginner stuffs - maybe you'll get something out of my pain. :P

Sadly, helpful myGUI stuff is probably found more on OGRE forums than the site itself. It has documentation but no examples or how-tos. Throwing generated documentation at someone's head really shouldn't cut it anymore - If the developer's can't figure out their own software why should anyone else - especially when there are alternatives/competition?

If you care to post up your experience or notes as you learn it - please do. I'm curious and trying to learn, too.
best regards,