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Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 21:18

Zini wrote: I moved a few additional task, that I consider mandatory for 0.10.0, from "Suggested tasks" to "OpenMW 0.10.0". As you can see, we still have two open tasks. It would be great, if someone could take them.
The list is already rather large and we probably should not add more tasks.

Its unlikely that we will get terrain into 0.10.0 and from the listed task, I consider dialogue window, launcher and animations optional (we can continue with them in 0.11.0 if needed).
gus wrote: If we add collisions responses, but no terrain, it might be a little difficult outside (i gess you have already experience the bug of falling through the ground :lol: )
Zini wrote: I have already added the script instruction for toggling collision mode. We will just have to advice people to switch collision off before going outdoors.
Star-Demon wrote: External Terrain requires the reading of a heightmap and transforming data in rendering, correct?

Maybe we should try to get terrain in - read cell heightmap, get it in the Exterior cell rendering process, transform hieghtmap values into ground height values - render?

I've never done it - so I'm fuzzy on how the heightmap's RGB values convert into vertices and planes...
raevol wrote:
Zini wrote:We will just have to advice people to switch collision off before going outdoors.
This is good advice in real life too. :o
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