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Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 21:12

Hircine wrote: I have been in contact with moddb admin and OpenMW listed as a mod has been deleted.

i have setup a page for it as an Engine(its not a mod :P ).

the info has been updated from the last one (so c++, etc etc)
but more is required. there is one screenshot, but it would be cool if we get more.

if you are Production staff or a developer, apply to join and tell me who you are on the forums(if your moddb acc differs in name). also reply to this post and tell me what your moddb acc is, to avoid security breaches :)
we don't want people parading as Zini's and getting our moddb page deleted. :P ... pment-team

i await your applications. :)
raevol wrote: Hey I am raevol on there. Just applied.
Hircine wrote:
raevol wrote:Hey I am raevol on there. Just applied.

yep, i have confirmed you.

can people send me some screenshots of 0.9.0 of various cells of morrowind.

so i can do up a gallery for the moddb page. video cut together would also be cool. send me an email. :)
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