Creatures in Morrowind

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Creatures in Morrowind

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:57

Melchur wrote: Hi,

there is one thing I discovered when animating a creature for Morrowind lately.

As you maybe know it is possible to make a creature end up at a different place after the animation has ended. For example I made a hit-animation(that means the creature is hit) where the creature will turn around and jump about two meters away from you and after that continue from there instead of being "teleported" back.

Now I wanted to make an attack-animation that makes the creature jump over the head of the player and land on the other side. Thus I included a translation along the Y-Axis so the creature would end up behind the player. Ingame, however, I discovered that the creature would not get further than where the player stood, so it would just land as close as possible in front of you after the end of the attack-animation.

Later I tested what happens when I move the creature along the X-Axis in the attack-animation. It was interesting to see that it made the creature rotate around the player instead of making it end up somewhere far away. The morrowind engine continuously adjusted the alignment of the creature towards the player.

I tested if the creature would act the same when fighting an NPC and that was also the case.
After discovering this I thought I would tell you about it as you have to reimplement all of that in your program

Finally I faked the jump over the players head by shifting the creature a fair range along the X-Axis so it would span by about 180 degrees around the target and while doing so I rotated the creature around its own axis by 180 degrees in the opposite direction.
Star-Demon wrote: Interesting stuff. I was thinking of making a lot of improved meshes for future OpenMW features, and I didn't know about this.

Thanks for the heads up!
best regards,