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Curious Discussion

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:56

gnomesrule19 wrote: Um, well, since nothing seems to be happening right now i'd like to ask how efficient OM will be when it is completed as compared to the original Morrowind EXE, and how long it may take beyond 1.0 to make it very efficient (assuming it is possible to guess).
sir_herrbatka wrote: More efficient than a morrowind? That shouldn't be that hard.

Note that MW don't really want to run well on modern PC's (or semi-moderns if you prefer it this way). Funny - just look at minimal requirements (128 mb of RAM!).

So lets face it: openmw will have no problem in defeating morrowind in this area. But when compered to the low spec pcs... oh I really don't know. Performance of the exteriors is not a great and this is when we don't have terrain â?? there is work to be done on this area.
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