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Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:55

Astronut wrote: Hi guys, I have Morrowind for the Xbox, and I was very curious to play it on the computer. So my google searches ultimately led to you because I use Linux. The only problem I am having is running it. I am using OpenSUSE, and I downloaded "openmw-0.08.1....tar.bz2" file. I extracted it to home folder, and I cannot find the "run" inside the openmw folder?

Please Help, I really wanna play this! :shock:
Zini wrote: The Linux version currently comes as source release. That means you have to build it yourself. We probably should look into properly packaging OpenMW, but so far we didn't get around to it.

Please note, that there isn't much to actual "play" yet. We are still in an early stage of development.
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