How far off 1.0.0???

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How far off 1.0.0???

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:54

chewit wrote: In an interview i did with Nico in Full Circle Magazine, he said 1.0.0 would maybe be out by the end of 2010.

With less than 30 days to go, its seems unlikely, but how far off are we from 1.0.0?
Star-Demon wrote: Sorry, all signs point to no.

1.0 is full reimplementation of the original game, and we have a ways to go before OpenMW behaves the same way as Morrowind, minus, of course, the mistakes.

However, that doesn't mean it won't happen at all. Progress is as fast as however many people are actively working together.

If you are a JP or above level programmer and can work with others very well we'd love to see contributions from you.

Fall 2010 is coming to an end, you'll probably see a nice burst of contributions to the wiki and site by myself in order to make the project more inviting to contributors, not to mention more work done by people who are already here.

Hope this clears some stuff up for you. :)
Zini wrote: Let me clarify some points. Nico's original projection wasn't totally off. But it was based on the assumption, that the overall productivity would stay at the same level as at the time of the interview. That unfortunately didn't happened.

Assuming we would get the same productivity again from this moment on, a very rough first beta of OpenMW might be available in 6 months. Unfortunately that won't happen either.

Currently the project is nearly dormant. Nico has disappeared and the overall interest and/or available time of the remaining developers seems to have dropped considerably too. I don't think we will get anything notable done this year.

I hope Nico will surface again early next year. At least we need a statement from him where we stand. Also, he may still have some terrain code, that he hasn't pushed to the pubic repository yet.

If he doesn't become active again in January, we will rethink some things. So far he had an important role in the organisation and the development of OpenMW. I am not sure, if we have the right people to fill in for him in all his functions for an extended period of time. I doubt that we can reach the same productivity without him. How productive we become obviously depends on how many of our other developers become active again. This is impossible to predict.

Unfortunately Nico was working on a core feature and without it, we will need to rewrite the entire roadmap. Also, we would need to make some organisational changes regarding our repositories and probably the upload location.

To sum it up:

Time to OpenMW 1.0: between 7 months (restarting in January) and eternity, with neither one of the extremes being a likely outcome.
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