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knock knock

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:48

raevol wrote: Things've been kind of slow around here... Just wanted to poke my head in and see if anyone's alive.

I know that rendering exteriors is a giant obstacle currently facing OpenMW, as is rendering characters. What's the status on those? Would it be worthwhile to break those tasks into subtasks so they could be tackled in chunks?

Zini wrote: Exteriors: We had already a working D implementation and Nico is working on it. He seems busy with other stuff at the moment though.

NPCs: Not currently on the list for this milestone. Our developer for this area went inactive.

Was about to make a similar post. If no one pitches in in the next couple of days this will be our first week without commits since May. Kinda sad.

I am not planning to take on any further tasks from the 0.09 roadmap. because a) I already finished two rather complex ones and b) I don't have the expertise to handle the remaining tasks without doing a substantial amount of research (API/source/documentation reading) first, which is beyond the amount of time and motivation I currently can bring into the project.

That said, Nico's activity usually follows a periodic pattern, so hopefully we can expect him to get active again soon. And with a bit of luck amos will be able to finish his work in the near future too. At this point we could move over to the next milestone, though I don't like the idea of deferring the remaining tasks again.
Star-Demon wrote: There's no need at all to call it sad.

We've made some milestones, given what we have to work with. Given the circumstances, we are where we should be.

Realistically, we're doing fine, but if you'd like to go faster, I see a need for changes in a few places, which will set the stage for the kind of environment we will need to progress at a faster or more consistent pace. This won't spell instant improvement, but expecting instant improvement given reality isn't a healthy or productive way to be.

For now, "tis the season" - we've already commented on how things tend to slow down about this time of year, and we've already discussed that this is just something extra for all of us - so - given all that and more, There's really no need to worry about it.

In fact, I see the lull as a good time to reflect, prepare, plan and design. To struggle against the tide would only stress people out and make things here unpleasant, not to mention damage the team and the project in the long run.

So, if things are slow - it's okay. What can we do to take advantage of this? I like the idea of organizing, planning, and communicating.
sir_herrbatka wrote: the problem is that we all have time limited to a 24h per day. I'm not developer but I know something about this. I'm tired, my head is about to explode; give me a tea, bath and let me sleep. I wouldn't have time (or endurance) to develop things this day.

yeah, yeah. I just felt like I want to grumble a little.
raevol wrote: I admit any project is going to have a lull here and there, and it can even be good for devs to recoup and come back with fresh fingers, but I've also seen piles of projects die from lack of attention. Projects don't necessarily need code being pumped into them on a daily basis, but they do always need a clear objective of what needs to be done next, even if it is "figure out what to do next". You have to keep that carrot hanging in front of your nose, even if you are going to ignore it for a bit.

As soon as everyone just starts sitting around waiting for someone else to figure out what's going on, interest is going to die. And with that word of mouth dies, and with that a source of fresh devs die. And when the worn out devs walk away, you're left with half a heap of code that no one is going to look at ever again.

So! Let's not be all doom and gloom and finger pointing, let's just get a perspective on where things need to go. As I said before, last I knew the big tasks were exterior rendering and NPC rendering. I know niko was working on loading the exterior cell data in a useful way, perhaps we should give him a few more days to report in on how that's going?

As for NPC rendering, last I heard we were trying to figure out how to properly build the skeletons? Is that correct?
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