A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 20:38

Zini wrote: Nico, amos and me have split up most of 0.09 between us. Assuming Nico will take over the font problem. We have two tasks left that are flagged as open. Anyone want to take them on? This would be a good opportunity for a new or returning developer to have a go at OpenMW.
Both tasks are fairly simple and small. I would especially like to get rid of the Music player entry. We have moved it to a later milestone twice already. While it is not terribly important, I am getting weary of constantly carrying it around with us.
sir_herrbatka wrote: I have a question regarding to the font license.

OpenMW is licensed under GPL, Debian guys said that CC license is incompatible with GPL.

Personally I don't think that it's big deal - the only thing we need is permission to copy but I just want to be sure.

What is preferable license for openmw gui font?
Vance987 wrote: Music player......... although I would kill for a new one. I have to agree with you on that one. It is just wasting time. I'd like it to be a project though... just after the main components of the engine are done and the game is actually playable. It's not worth it to waste valuable time working on the main engine.
Zini wrote: Can't follow you. The music player is the component that handles exploration sound track, combat music and script controlled music and (I think) region depending music.
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