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Posted: 21 Aug 2011, 20:30
by lgromanowski
Greendogo wrote: Hey, I just wanted to say props to the team here! The amount of activity that goes on here everyday is inspiring for the Elder Scrolls community!

I'm a moderator at the DaggerXL forums and lately the head of that project has been absent (for > month). The three of us moderators there have no access to the code or to a means to contact the project leader. So at least one engine remake of one of my favorite games is on track!

I think the idea behind Lucius's DaggerXL project is sound, he's the sole programmer and thus the project is not open source, exactly. It may well turn into one some time in the future, if Lucius so chooses.

However, I think this is why OpenMW can be such a success! The work load is not put solely on one person's shoulders. I'm sure there are times when Nicolay couldn't work on the project, but the fact that the project is OS really started to show when the forums were opened and we had a permanent base of communications! People started to flow in to lend a hand! (Props Zini!)

So congrats on being a great community guys!

raevol wrote: I've got to agree with everything you say except I'm not a moderator at the DaggerXL forums. ;)
Star-Demon wrote: I liked a few things about daggerfall - I would have liked to see some sort of remake with more modern sensibilities - it's a shame that the two or three projects are more or less derelict.