What's up?

A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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What's up?

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 19:51

sir_herrbatka wrote: Welcome to official (?) "what's up?" thread. I will try to summarize most recent progress the project made.

First of: we finally started to properly gather information about morrowind game mechanic. We have now wiki page...


... and we still lack in major part of mw math:
-No cost related stuff; repair, travel, crafted potions... we have the cost of crafted spells though.
-Chance to repair weapon/armor is unknown. Can be a pain to test. Be so kind and note how many attempts you done to have 5 successes, attach your character stats, hammer used, item and send info to us.
-No clue how fast character or monster can move.
-Armor rating stuff, I will find this on my own - it's easy.
-Other stuff... check wiki.

OpenMW was crashing recently - after some research our mighty developers found out that libmpg123 was at fault. The bug is fixed in libmpg123 1.12.2. After few more commits sound is fixed and working good.

ape is back! Hurray.

ape (not zini, sry for the mess!) works on the npc rendering, while zini works on scripts implementation. He was able to add features like containers, door teleport (exteriors not in main branch).

OpenMW moves fast! yay!

Terrible sorry. I promise that i will be more cautious.
sir_herrbatka wrote: Not much progress this week. Let my summarize.

zini continues his work on exteriors. He done some bugfixing and now cells are rendered where they should, even more; now openmw loads 3x3 cells grid. Performance is poor due to lack of optimization and nine times bigger area loaded then in vanilla morrowind. He also experiments with raycast (marking things to activate) and made some tuning in rendering.

Ape works on npc rendering in his branch but he had to disable "skeleton for mesh". Issue is problematic - crashing occurs not on every machine. Ape was not able to solve this puzzle yet and lack of time surely is not helpful.

Doxyfiles now work - so "visual guys" can see some diagrams, like these:
Set as a wallpaper if you want to ;-)

Game forumulae's page is slowly filling up (mostly thx to Ivan, He is doing great job).

Athile is trying to compile openmw on windows (with no luck). Openmw MUST compile on windows or no 0.08.

Ah, yes. 0.08 version is almost there. Only open task in programing is music player. Nico did all the sound related stuff but He did not pick up this task, yet. Music player have low priority and probably may be moved to 0.09. The real stopper here is windows compiling issue and lack of binary packages.

Beware of monkey stopper supreme! ;-)

I forgot about radeon-with-open-driver crash on linux. But it's radeon with open driver, right? Everything can happen with radeon on linux pc. :roll:

Property drivers seems to work.
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