Anything a non-coder can do to help?

A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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Anything a non-coder can do to help?

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 19:42

fenixkane wrote: Pretty much just wondering what sort of tasks non-coders can do to contribute to the project?
Zini wrote: Research. We still need to reengineer all the MW game mechanics, i.e. find out all the formulas. Doesn't require any coding skills. Just patience, time, maybe a stop-watch and a bit of simple math.
Pahanilmanlintu wrote: Here's some of the formulae, as deciphered by Hrnchamd.
Zini wrote: Interesting link. That would be a good starting point. I think the UESP wiki ( has a couple more formulas. Neither is even remotely complete though.
sir_herrbatka wrote: Hmmm...

Mana cost of spell:

Code: Select all

B * M * T + A
B=base cost of effect/20 (in cs The ingame value seems to be diffrent)
M=average of minimal and maximal spell power
A=Area effect extra cost (B*Area*0,025)

On target = 50% extra mana

Chance to cast:

Code: Select all

(A + S - C) * F
C=Mana cost*1,25
F=Stamina 0,6+(0,4*current/max)
raevol wrote:
Pahanilmanlintu wrote:Here's some of the formulae, as deciphered by Hrnchamd.

Fist thing I am doing post OpenMW 1.0 is implementing a better sneak system. Holycrap.
Zini wrote: Might be a good idea to collect all this information on a page in our wiki.
sir_herrbatka wrote:
Fist thing I am doing post OpenMW 1.0 is implementing a better sneak system. Holycrap.
I'm not sure if reimplenting this crap is obligatory ;-)

I found alchemy formulas!

Code: Select all

Duration = [(Alchemy + [(Inteligence + Luck) / 10]) / Cost] * quality
The quality of mortar.
The cost is related to basic cost of effect. I have full list of it.

The power is = duration/3

Alembic reduces the time of negative effects:
Duration with alembic=Duration without alembic/(1+quality of alembic)

and also power of negative effects.

Duration (with alembic)/3

No info how the rest of stuff works but probably pretty much the same way.
ElderScroller wrote: The above formula for chance to cast is wrong.

% Chance of Successful Spell Cast:
(Spell'sSkill * 2 + Willpower / 5 + Luck / 10 - SpellCost + CastPenalty) * (CurrentFatigue + MaximumFatigue * 1.5) / (MaximumFatigue * 2)

The value for CastPenalty can be accessed with the function GetCastPenalty.
sir_herrbatka wrote:
The above formula for chance to cast is wrong.
uuu :( Maybe i was wrong in my calculations...
ElderScroller wrote:
The above formula for chance to cast is wrong.
uuu :( Maybe i was wrong in my calculations...
I'm sorry to have put it so bluntly; I didn't mean to make it at all personal. It's entirely possible for two different looking expressions to produce the same results. However, the first version does not take cast penalties into account (e.g. sound, silence, scripted effects, etc.), which would lead to inaccuracies in some cases.

Also, it occurs to me that my expression may not be entirely accurate. Even though I can use it to successfully predict the spell chance in my game, that doesn't necessarily mean its the way the game does it. It's very easy to come up with an expression that either does not take all considerations into account or mistakenly replaces variables/game settings with constants. As an example of the latter, we could look at calculating Unarmored Armor rating:

(Unarmored Skill * 0.1) * (Unarmored Skill * 0.065)

I've seen unarmored AR calculated that way in a number of places (like, though it uses constants instead of game settings.
As best as I can tell, it should look like this...

(Unarmored Skill * fUnarmoredBase1) * (Unarmored Skill * fUnarmoredBase2)

Even though it seems to work, the above expression may still need tweaking as more progress is made.

In any event, it's important to help each other refine these calculations with constructive criticism. That was my intention in posting and I apologize for being so terse.
sir_herrbatka wrote: oh, friemd ;) I'm sad that I was wrong but I'm happy that you was able to find the more accurate formula!

It seems that this job won't be so hard. :D
Zini wrote: If there is still a non-coder with the desire to help lurking around, I have a task for you:

We need a wiki page, that keeps track of the implementation status for magic effects, similar to the page for script instructions ( ... 8status%29).

The page should contain three colums: ID, name, implementation status. Implementation status should be "not started", except for effect 84 which is "in progress". Look at the roadmap legend page ( ... Roadmap%29) for how to colour the table.

Here is a list of all magic effects from MW. I don't have a list for Tribunal and Bloodmoon. This might require some googling.

Any takers?
ap0 wrote: I'll do it tonight.
(here : ... 8Status%29 )
Zini wrote: Thanks. I guess this is still a WIP.

btw. we don't need school, base cost or description. These are defined in the ESM anyway, so the default values you find in various documentations may not even apply in all cases.
ap0 wrote: It's done.
I'll search for the magic spells of Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
best regards,