Interview for Full Circle Magazine

A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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Interview for Full Circle Magazine

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 19:33

chewit wrote: I write for Full Circle Magazine, its a Ubuntu Linux magazine.

I would like to do an interview with one of the developers of the project for a future issue. Give some publicity to the project.

Could someone give contact details of a developer willing to do an interview over email.


Zini wrote: The person you should talk to is Nicolay Korslund. He is the initiator of the OpenMW project and so far the only core developer. You can PM him here in the forum. I don't have his email address at hand, but it should be available on his github page (username korslund).
pogzy wrote: Even if it could take some time before the interview is published, it could be nice to wake up this post once done and on line, so that we won't forget.

Thanks in advance
Vance987 wrote: Wow awesome. 8-) Publicity on its way.
chewit wrote: I have spoken with Nicolay Korslund. He has agreed. I have sent him the questions, awaiting his answers. Will be published in the next issue (hopefully). I will let you know!
chewit wrote: The latest issue of Full Circle Magazine is out with the interview with Nicolay.

You can download it:!

The interview is on Page 36!

sir_herrbatka wrote: I think that nico was a bit to gentle about oblivion ;-)
Vance987 wrote: Yay for Nico!!! Woot woot.
fenixkane wrote: Good article.
May be playable by the end of the year :shock: !
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