compiling OpenMW is like a drug. :)

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compiling OpenMW is like a drug. :)

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Hircine wrote: Hey all,

just spent all of last night compiling, ogre, openmw and all other things required.
and after i think about 8-9 hours(i compiled ogre like 20 times), i got an executable
for openmw. i am using Ubuntu 10.04 + kde.

and im on a high right now :D

all i have left to do is get all the assets for it to see if it will run.
I get a graphic configuration screen, and then it stops because it can't find morrowind BSA. :P

anyway, i look forward to running through the code and possibly help in someway with coding.
i have some (fairly minimalistic) experience with C# and Java and i wouldn't mind helping out with the UI and inventory stuff. :)

i have a decent experience with Linux(im no expert, but am comfortable with it).

Zini wrote: You need to copy your Morrowind data directory to the same location where your executable is located and then rename the directory to "data".
Hircine wrote: yeah i thought it would be as simple as that, i just need to search my collection to find the install disc.


done and it loads the beshara cell and thats about it.
gonna go get mygui and bullet setup.
pvdk wrote: Heh for me it's the other way around: I need drugs to compile OpenMW :p

I've got the latest git revision to compile on Windows. Linking the executable fails because the precompiled boost libraries I downloaded are wrong.
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