stick the enemies on the other side of the door and spam ar

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stick the enemies on the other side of the door and spam ar

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 18:40

pogzy wrote: Lordrea:
Huh! Well, destructible doors/crates between enemies and the player would certainly make gameplay more interesting. Would certainly get rid of the "stick the enemies on the other side of the door and spam area spells" tactic!
Just create another thread because this tactic is very unrealistic. Yes, I must admit, I used it very often and it save my ass quite a few times. But there should be some game level (beginner/normal/advance) or some game type (usual role playing/realistic/vanilla Morrowind) that should permit to enable some more complicated rules / more realistic rules.

For example, in beginner, this tactics works, but for normal or advance levels some monsters can open doors and follow you.

In realistic mode, the player can be starving and fell if not eat food for a long time etc.

So, it could be enable by metadata on items/object/monsters, portions of script that activate only when the current level and type of play is activated. By this way, scripting for monsters/items is done once, but will change following the type and level you are playing.

In vanilla Morrowind type of game, the rules should stay glued to the real Morrowind game, with no level.

Moreover, the predefined values I mentioned for level and type should be kept open, just a string in a list that can be completed, by this means the engine could be more customized to follow much more different game type that bring the OpenMW in a much more versatile engine.

Any idea to bring this idea further but keeping it reachable by dev :?:
Vance987 wrote: That would be really cool! Different modes of gameplay. Role play, normal, advanced, etc. It could be incorporated into the engine... but then again, it could just be an extra mod. The values should be discrete though. I never liked that one realistic mod for morrowind (forgot its name) that you had to walk every certain interval, or you would faint because you ran too much, not eating enough would make you pass out after ONE MINUTE.
pogzy wrote: I didn't make any mod, so I don't know if this type of feature should be within the mod or in the engine. But if the engine is structured enough and open enough the modders work is easier.

By reading modders forum, it seems to me that some mod where very painfull to made because game engine is not structured to enable what modders have in mind. Perhaps the engine devs should keep this in mind. If creating mods are very easy and fun to do, there will be much more mods created with much more ideas and much more games to play using a single engine.

I don't know if I'am right, correct me if I am wrong. But we should as most as possible try to make OpenMW appealing for existing modders.
Lordrea wrote: Well, let's not forget why we (or at least I) like Morrowind so much: mods!

The "Morrowind Experience" is different for each and every person, because of how they play, and what they play. OpenMW should natively just be "an open-source translation" of Morrowind. Of course, some AI will need to be rewritten.

The beauty, however, comes from improvements. Fliggerty's mods have improved AI a lot, but imagine the new possibilities with the open engine!

Anyway, just wanted to say that not everything should be expected of 'vanilla' OpenMW. But these really are epic mod ideas. ;)

Addendum: It's before 10am. Hate getting up early - it means I don't read things clearly! Anyway, yes, I believe that scripters both for the core, and for the in-game code should have the ability to use a function like getDifficulty() and be able to change events based on it.
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