Estimated release date

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Estimated release date

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 18:30

TweetReece wrote: From what i can remember from the wiki, the estimated release date is the end of 2010 to the end of 2011. Amirite?
Lordrea wrote: OpenMW will probably be done "when it's done". It's difficult to predict the availability of unfunded, open source development.
pogzy wrote: OK, it is difficult to plan any release date.

It could be more helpful to work on a rough roadmap with the next 2 or three releases and the main new features/updates they are planed to include.

By this mean, it could help for potential contributors when they could dive into the project and at which point they could participate with their own skills and qualities.

It could also give a clearer view of what is the current direction and the next coming steps. Even if these steps are far from now, it could give some clues of what is important or not, what is missing etc.

So please, could you give us a roadmap, even a draft, so we can put it on the new wiki and keep it up to date?

One step further should be to use the feature request of sourceforge to track features, not only the code ones, but also what is related to the wiki, the forum, etc.
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