What is OpenMW trying to achieve (mainly)

A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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What is OpenMW trying to achieve (mainly)

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 18:22

TweetReece wrote: I am really exited for OpenMW but i really want to know what OpenMW is changing about Morrowind. Could anyone post anything they know is going to be included with OpenMW? I'm finding it hard to explain but you guys know what i mean :P
Pahanilmanlintu wrote: I guess i can answer that as i've been following this project for quite some time.

OpenMW is supposed to replace the actual Morrowind program that you use to enjoy the content of Morrowind (the world, quests etc). I imagine a default OpenMW installation would look pretty much identical to either vanilla MW or MW with the graphics extender. Also, OpenMW could be optimized for better performance and is multi-platform, so you're not restricted to Windows to play.

Certain annoying modding-related bugs or "features", like the gmst bug, world map size limit or object doubling would of course not be replicated in OpenMW. Savegame files and all or almost all current mods could be loaded in and translated to work, so it would also be quite compatible with anything MW-related.

But imho the big thing is that implementing stuff like ragdoll physics, Oblivion style combat system, new graphics bling, better AI with schedules, animations like sitting, entirely new gameplay mechanics, skill systems etc etc would be quite trivial (in principle) instead of nigh-impossible like now. And please do note that these would be either mods for OpenMW or among some extended options, so you'd be just as free to pick and choose what you like as you are now.

Btw it's nice that i got a chance to write this. I also hope newcomers read it, because they tend to get confused over this stuff.
TweetReece wrote: I hope they are pick and chose, because then even people with "bad" computers can join in the fun!
sir_herrbatka wrote: ogre 3d used to be resources hungry but now game "torchlight" uses it - you can run torchlight even on netbooks. I guess that openmw will have requirments just like morrowind, but (not like morrowind) it should run faster with modern hardware.
Vance987 wrote: Nicolay (I think that's how you spell his name) talked about system requirements in the mailing list. He said that it should be able to run on even older computers than vanilla morrowind's requirements. So we should be ok here.
Kazashi wrote: For me, OpenMW is about two things.

Native cross-platform support. As a Linux user I would love to see Morrowind run without hassles encountered in Wine (e.g. currently it can't play mp3 files here). I would also like to see support in things like OSX and newer versions of Windows. A cross-platform construction set would also be really nice, but I'll be happy with just the game.

Extensibility. Being able to fix bugs without resorting to hex-editing, being able to add features without memory hooks. Better software exists currently than what was used with Morrowind, and since its source code will never see the light of day the next best thing is to recreate the code base.
Vance987 wrote: Simple answer, it's recreating Morrowind's engine to be harder, better, faster, and stronger. :D
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