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WIKI stuff

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 18:04

pogzy wrote: Hi,

Perhaps a new thread (not sure of the word) to deal with subjects related to the wiki could be helpful. Running a wiki is quite some work if you want to have a clean and readable wiki, and a place to discuss it could be fine.

I've copy paste some pages from the old wiki to the new one, I've replaced the Scripting page by a more general Library page with linked to the used ones (but improvements are welcomes).

I also copy the Test Level and add a (poor) link to it from the How to contribute.

please, do not create orphan pages, orphan pages are difficult to reach for visitors.

It could be fine to avoid too much small pages and to group pages that deal with connected subjects.

nicolay wrote: Thanks a ton for the work on the wiki.

I've made a new Wiki discussion forum as you requested!
best regards,