Development discussion: mailing list or here?

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Development discussion: mailing list or here?

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 17:59

raevol wrote: If we wanted to discuss issues directly related to the development of OpenMW, not things that are requests or speculation, is the ML still better for that? More directly, is Nicolay going to be reading/posting here?
Lordrea wrote: I believe the intent of Nicolay is to migrate the website and mailing list over here, as specified on the ML:
Michael (Lordrea) has started working on setting up a dedicated OpenMW forum, and a new home for the Wiki.
And, in a private email:
You mentioned that you'd like to set up a site and possibly a forum for OpenMW, something I'm sure would be highly appreciated.
So, I'll let the big man himself clarify, but I believe that at least the website/wiki over at SourceForge will be moved over.

- Michael
Vance987 wrote: Most discussions should take place in the forums.. ;)
nicolay wrote:
Vance987 wrote:Most discussions should take place in the forums.. ;)
I agree with this, but I'll keep the ML open for the time being. I've never run a ML parallel with a forum before, so we'll see how it pans out.
tangent wrote: how about a development section on these forums, with developer help, development discussion, revision information, et cetera?
Kazashi wrote: Ah, no wonder the mailing list went quiet. Congrats :)

I personally don't mind either way where technical discussions take place, though in my experience people generally feel more comfortable holding discussions in a forum. It would be possible to pipe new forum messages back into the mailing list, but unless you restrict that plan to a development forum you may run foul of the more conversational nature that forums tend to take (i.e clogged mailing list).
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