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A generic talk on the OpenMW project.
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Forum: It's Alive!

Post by lgromanowski » 21 Aug 2011, 17:31

Lordrea wrote: Both the OpenMW forums and wiki are set up. Skinning needs to be done, but implementation is, for the most part, taken care of. To edit the wiki, you need to be a member of the Wiki group here on the forums. To join the Wiki group, go to the user control panel, and the the usergroup tab. For now, I've made it so that the group has an open join policy.
Vance987 wrote: Yay, glad to see we have a forum now. :mrgreen: (Other than the mailing list)
Greendogo wrote: Hurrah!
raevol wrote: IT LIIIIIVES!
Greendogo wrote: Sorry for the double post, but my first post hasn't been approved yet, so here goes. I was just going to post a link to a rather nice skin that is rpg styled. It could be lightly edited to more befit OpenMW to be more Morrowind-esque. ... &t=1032405
sir_herrbatka wrote: yeah, forum is great :D

Good job!
sir_herrbatka wrote: forum is great!

Good job :D
Hircine wrote: Hey,
if you need CSS help,

send me a PM.
i might be able to help.
vtastek wrote: Congratulations on the new forum. :) Looking forward to heated engine discussions. :P
Lordrea wrote: Heh - whoops!

I had a moderation setting on. Should all be fixed up now.
raevol wrote: Greendogo that theme is sexy. I like it.
Hircine wrote: goodwork so far,
the moderation thing got me too. :P

but good that its all sorted.

Greendogo wrote: Cool, my suggestion was taken. This pleases me greatly. :D
Lordrea wrote: Good! It will stay, for now. I will either use it as a base to make the wiki look similar, or work at redesigning them both to have something more dynamic and uniform.

For now, though, this is working. Thanks for the link, Greendogo.
Vance987 wrote: Adding this to my favorites. 8-)
sir_herrbatka wrote: The forum skin is awesome. Great job! :)
Rhys wrote: I come to wish you all the best of luck with this nice project you have begun :)
Vance987 wrote: Lol it began a long time ago. These forums are just new. Lmao :)
Rhys wrote: Yes, I know :D
nicolay wrote: What can I say, great work with the forum Lordrea! I think this skin looks awesome.
raevol wrote: THE DARK LORD COMETH. :o
tombofsoldier wrote: Great Work Lordrea (though you never indicated if you wanted any design assets I've got sitting around, like Morrowind appropriate background textures and a custom Logo.)

Either way the forums look good and work, which is the most important thing. Except for the contrast between post text and the background I couldn't think of anything that would be a superlative improvement.
Greendogo wrote: I think the initial page should be a news and linking page similar to the original sourceforge page, which was really nice and highly functional:
The original wiki needs to have most of its assets copied to the new wiki, including style and content (the wish list, the goals, etc.):
Also, even though we are switching to this forum as the main area of discussion, this does not mean we need to discontinue use of the Google Group. We should have a link to it on the main page:

Other things from the old main page need to be moved to the new main page, such as the about/FAQ, the videos, screenshots, and changelog pages. We need a download link on the main page and a link on all of these subsequent pages back to the main page.

You can just copy and paste the assets and HTML from the original OpenMW page to this one and then set up the new Wiki exactly like the old one. There isn't anything wrong with the setup we had before except the lack of a forum and being tied to sourceforge. Now we have our own URL ( and we have our own forums.

I really want to see that logo on the parchment and an actual "Main Page" environment eventually.

Edit: A lot of the content, such as the wishlist, has already been added to the new Wiki.

Edit 2: In addition, there is a lot of discussion on this topic in a thread in the proper forum section. I guess I was just too lazy to look for it :roll:
pogzy wrote: Greendogo: I already agreed with you in advance in severall post here and there.
Greendogo wrote:
pogzy wrote:Greendogo: I already agreed with you in advance in severall post here and there.
I welcome allegiance in opinions. I didn't refer back to your posts probably because I wanted to put them someone here before I forgot my opinion and this thread was initially the first place I did that :D
tombofsoldier wrote:
Greendogo wrote:I really want to see that logo on the parchment and an actual "Main Page" environment eventually.
I've got that stuff! I think the logo for various reasons was a little small, but I'm pretty sure it's still around. I'll see what I can find. It's all towards the eventual new loading screen/menus etc. since I figured a dedicated new look that said "oh, your playing OpenMw!" and native widescreen support would be appreciated once it came out.
Lordrea wrote: If you could email me the logo/other OpenMW web-usable resources, I could see about getting them up into where they belong.

Thanks! :)
best regards,