An annoying issue - enchant_potion creation

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An annoying issue - enchant_potion creation

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 19:19

silentthief wrote: Here is a recommendation for changing openMW to be better than MW, to be a little less annoying with item creation while still keeping the gameplay similar.

When you make a potion/enchantment it gives you several fields to fill in information (ingredients for potions/soul gem slot and item to enchant for enchantment) and it gives you the ability to enter a name for the item.

What I think would be nice and convenient would be to save a name that the player enters in the naming slot so that you don't have to type in the name EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I was just playing on the Xbox MW (its even worse for naming on that, but then again a lot of MW things are...), and I tried making an amulet of recall with my enchant ability. I failed twice, no prob but I always name my items cuz otherwise they have the same name and it gets frustrating trying to enter the name then fail then enter the name, then fail, then enter the name...

I mean, if you are not making the same kind of item, then you would have to rename it anyway, right? Even if it doesn't save the info to the save game (so it appears next time you load) it would be useful while you are playing... right?

Star-Demon wrote: It's possible, but it requires remembering the list of effects you wanted and then associating a name with it. not sure if that information should stay with the player as some sort of dynamic array like a vector or if you wanna keep that in the gui and have that stored there as its own data so it can be moved around player to player.
silentthief wrote: how about just leaving the name up while you have that particular menu open? It does NOT have to be saved with the save game... in fact it would be more work than necessary then

sir_herrbatka wrote: I know this bug. It was fixed in MCP.
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