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Talky openMW?

Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 19:18
by lgromanowski
silentthief wrote: There is one thing that I really really liked about OB that I thought would be a nice addition to MW. And, it seems that the MW crowd thought so as well. The ability to do the listen and watch the npc talk "conversation-style" that OB has.

Here are two links to a youtube vids showing the same scene (different times) with a khajit talking in russian (thats where the mod that does "talky morrowind" came from). ... re=related ... re=related

This would be a nice option to have.

Star-Demon wrote: Nothing hard about that at all - all dialogue can be accompanied already in the TESCS. They just didn't have the time to make all of it fully voiced (or the space) :)

Would be nice, but voice acting isn't as easy as you'd think.

I've tried it, and it's difficult. Also - how many gigs would you like your install to be? I suppose it doesn't matter now with memory cards the size of my fingernail weighing in at 16 gigs...but that's a LOT of voice acting, and there's three conditions you'd have to meet:

- Proper, near exact impressions.
- Good voice acting.
- Good sound quality.

I say go for it, but man, what a project that is.
willrandship wrote: Who says you need to have prerecorded sounds? It would reduce the quality, but there are speech synthesizers for this sort of thing (eg microsoft sam) that would reduce the filesize quite a bit.
Vance987 wrote: To be honest, you would need a whole other team to do that... Voice acting requires more space that takes away from the gameplay and mechanics. It would just slow down the game with bottlenecked voices flying from all directions. I deleted all the conversation voices on oblivion to speed up the game. (When I used to play) But... for the people who are interested to make a voice for each single npc to make it diversed, please don't make it corny like 2moons. (Man is that some poor dialogue) Or what you could do is use a program to change the pitch in voices instead of using a totally different person for each voice. That would save some time and effort.
Star-Demon wrote: I've been playing Mass Effect 2. Celebrity voice cast or not, It's absolutely required that you are good at voice acting otherwise people get turned off.

There is hope - Bethsoft rely on celebrities because the other ones they had for Oblivion and Morrowind were not that spectacular or convincing.