doppler sounds?

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doppler sounds?

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 18:53

sir_herrbatka wrote: hi,

most of the modern games since counter-strike have option to enable doppler sounds. I think that it would be great addition to morrowind (lot's of caverns, tombs etc.) and nicolay is working on some kind of sound system, so i'm wonder if it is hard to code.

And what about other sound effects? Can we be able to script some sound distortion? In REAL TIME? :roll:
Vance987 wrote: From my experience of coding, it should be fairly simple to add in sound distortion when the player get's far/close to the object emulating the sound kinda like stalactites dripping water off of them. When you move away they get more of an echo sound and when you get close, it's loud with lots of bass.

Here's an example of what you're talking about.

Then when the dynamic sounds, lights, etc. are coded in... there's the problem of *what are the sounds?* Who will record these sounds? Where will you get them from? To make the game as real as possible, a real person in real life would have to record sound effects in stead of just copying and pasting stuff from the internet. There are some realistic stuff on the internet though... ;)
sir_herrbatka wrote: I always thought that this sounds are generated in realtime :oops:
Vance987 wrote: Well you have to define what you mean is *realtime* If you want to keep the fps high and the wow effect high, you have to go with static outputs. But with a few techniques in coding, you can get fake realtime sounds with change in pitch as you walk closer or further from the emulator. The sound would have at least 3 options for maximum reality. One option to be eternal with sound intervals at a realistic rate. Like a water dripping in the background. There could be an option for limited time as soon as you walk close or away. And an instance option where as soon as something happens, like for example you get into a fight with a monster with corpus, then a ghost starts moaning in the background in the caves. Just some ideas. ;)

If you want realtime sounds. For REAL. Then it would take alot of coding and would slow down the project. :|
sir_herrbatka wrote: hm, but there are already projects that aims at real time sound effects. Well let's just forget about this then :/
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