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wishlist sorting

Post by lgromanowski » 17 Aug 2011, 18:40

pogzy wrote: Hi,

There is quite a big wish list on the current sourceforge wiki http://openmw.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Wishlist. It could be nice to find a way to sort all items of this wish list to plan which one will be implemented and in which order.

There is technical stuff, which probably should be discussed on the ML.

There is game design stuff, for any items that is beyond the vanilla game. All game design items should be sorted, by priority, then group to a rough roadmap with no date. It could give an idea of the possible future of OpenMW.

Is there any way to let the users vote (by giving a note) to each game design wish list item? It could be a way (perhaps not the best one) to provide some feedbacks from the users of which functionalities are wanted first.

I don't know a voting system that could be used, but this is only a suggestion, I am not the right person to decide to submit this list to vote or not.


I've started to put whish list in a table to clear it. I will put on the table only features I understand and that seems clear. All the features that are not clear enough, or that for any reason I don't know how to integrate the table will be left outside for now. We'll see later what to do with them.

Anybody that have time can help, just copy paste in a text editor, unset the wrap line function of the text editor, then cut paste and sort :mrgreen:
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