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Silt Strider real time transportation

Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 18:39
by lgromanowski
pogzy wrote: Hi,

I don't know if it is the place to post this because the only post is about the wiki. So sorry I will suggest something about OpenMW :mrgreen:

I've played a lot Dune (the first one) on Amiga and PC. In this game you can go from one place to another on the map by using an ortho (a flying machine) or ridding a worm, you can choose to do the full real time travel or shortcut the animation. The music was quite good, and I often did those travels to listen the music, watch the nice colours, or go and make some coffee to play just five minute more late by night (sometimes quite very long minutes ;) )

It could be very nice to add this functionality in OpenMW, real time Silt Strider travels. So, there should be a dedicated style of music for the travel, as the plain Morrowind, you will arrive safe but with a real view of the paths taken and the places where you went through.

Moreover, you can be attacked by Cliff Racer or any creature that can physically reach you in the full OpenMW engine.
It could add some value to travel to see Vvardenfel this way. For modders or games creators, it could enable them many new ways to travel.

For example when you are teleported to a mage-guild somewhere else, you could do a quick slide through walls, in the air and down to the new place. It could be very cool and nice to see, a zap effect that can add a very attractive eye candy style to teleport. I don't know if this could be used to add new interaction during teleport :?:

What do you think of that? Hope this is a new idea and that it will be completed by suggestions.

sir_herrbatka wrote: hi,

this feature require artwork - animation for silt strider. And man, when you count time required for silt strider to move from town to town you will find out that silt strider moves just as fast as charging alit :D

There was some attempts in animating silt striders by TR folks but it didn't actually looked good - no wonders, this is chalenging stuff ;-)
pogzy wrote: Hi,

Not sure it requires very much artwork. There are already 3D meshes for silt striders in the game.

- A platform should be modeled (I don't remember if it is already done).

- Road paths are fixed; they could be pre-computed or even put as raw data.

- Local displacement path of the camera should be computed, to give the feeling to be on the back of a giant animal, an animation on 3DS or blender (or even some key frames on paper) on a skeleton should be enough to have a good idea of the camera local displacement around the road path (think about elephant but bigger).

- Once this done, the graphic engine will handle the view.

- Difficulty could be to find a good music and to balance all this to have good looking result. But it could be a nice feature fully compliant with the vanilla Morrowind (there should be no attack).

- For the time to go from one city to another one, it is the key point, it should be at least two time faster than with a caracter with 100 speed. By this way the charge alit can stay in the stables. :mrgreen:

This is a challenging goal. In another way, if it is done, it could be the open door to generalization of this concept, riding horses, dragons etc.

I hope the day the code will be fully C++ is not that far, so I can rush and try to get things done by myself.
sir_herrbatka wrote: But how do you want to make silt strider move natural and fast?


This is the great animation chalange ;)

But it would be cool to make guar mod, like abot's done.
Vance987 wrote: The silt striders could look kinda like a jellyfish walking on land. (If you can imagine that...) Oooooh, or maybe a spider. Look at a daddy long leg and make it a bit more upright, and there's your animation. ;)
vtastek wrote: I always think them as flea, so they just do a precise jump, a very basic arc animation. ;)
Rhys wrote: You could limit the view while in transportation, so that the player can't see the legs(where the big legs do not visually follow terrain and obstacles properly).
The animal could be doing simple bob-up-down-side-to-side animation while following pre-defined curve path/waypoint.
pogzy wrote: @Rhys: that's also like this I am imagining this kind of animation.

@vtastek: could be better to keep this sort of animation for guild mage transportation, within a second (may be two or three), you are transported from one point to another, just a good way to get seek :lol:
Vance987 wrote: News flash!!! After looking around youtube for a bit... I found that Fliggerty was already making something like this! ... re=channel

All you have to do is message him, and he may be able to help implement this into the scripting of open mw. :)