Should sounds be working?

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Should sounds be working?

Post by lgromanowski » 15 Aug 2011, 13:21

EmbraceUnity wrote: I know a bunch of code has been committed for sounds/audio lately, and in previous versions there used to be background music, torch sounds, etc.

Yet, I am not getting any sounds at the moment. Is this normal?
Zini wrote: That is not normal. Most sounds should work now.
EmbraceUnity wrote: ok, I'll recompile from scratch just to make sure.

I'm running 64 bit Kubuntu, if that makes any difference. Could be a 64 bit issue.

I remember WINE had this big error with libmpg123 in 64 bit that had affected like 10 games, and I think you guys are using the same library
Zini wrote: I am on 64 bit and I am using libmpg123 too. Works here without a problem. But I think there was an issue with a certain version of libmpg123. No idea about the details though.
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