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Installation Instructions

Post by lgromanowski » 15 Aug 2011, 11:30

ap0 wrote: i've started a new page : "Installation Instruction" : ... structions

Does it worth a entire page, or should we just write a "README" page on the wiki ?
Zini wrote: Well, that is mostly the same content as we have on this page: ... ment_Setup

At the current state there is not much difference between the two tasks. Also, what you describe for Linux on the new page is more compiling than installing. And the "Play !" part is obviously nonsense at this stage.
ap0 wrote: So, a "README" page would be more adapted ?
Zini wrote: Actually, I have no idea. Nico, wrote the roadmap entry. You will have to ask him, what he had in mind.
nicolay wrote: Look good!

The install instructions (which could very well be put into a README.txt too but is nice to have as a separate page on the Wiki) is meant for non-developers trying to install OpenMW. It should IMHO be a separate page from setting up a developers environment, even though the pages (at the moment) contain similar information.

Right now we only have sources for Linux, so I think using a copy of the instructions from the devenv for Linux is OK (or we could just link to it.) We can change it later if/when it becomes necessary.
ap0 wrote: But, should it be a "README" page on the wiki ?
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