Really confused

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Really confused

Post by lgromanowski » 15 Aug 2011, 11:20

TweetReece wrote: I am new to OpenMW. I'm kind of confused. I had a quick read of the site and wiki but i'm short on time so i've decided to come here. I have morrowind installed, but how do i install OpenMW? I'm so confused :( I double click the exe file from a folder on my desktop, with all the extracted dll's and everything in the same folder, but it just opens up cmd and then closes straight away. Nothing else happens. Help would be greatly appreciated
Vance987 wrote: Lol ok. Looks like a new-comer. 8-) Not to worry, open mw is still in development and not ready for play. The engine is still in development, but is getting slowly but steadily ready for play. The "main" project leader is Nicolay Korslund, but many others have contributed such as Yacoby's terrain render thingy.
Vance987 wrote: That exe you clicked on was probably just a bunch of codes still in the making. Or maybe a test cell...? Idk. There should be a test cell sometime in the future once the engine is ready for it.
TweetReece wrote: Thank you very much :) :)

I am really looking forward to this :)
Vance987 wrote: Everyone is. 8-)
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