4d. Undo-Buffer

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4d. Undo-Buffer

Post by lgromanowski » 15 Aug 2011, 11:07

Zini wrote: This should be fairly obvious. But it still is a feature we need to get right, before we can get to implementing actual editing functions.
Zini wrote:
Hircine wrote: Should be something like what Inkscape Offers. a complete history of what you have done and selecting an object at a particular point will show everything that was on the drawing board at that point and not after.

so if you do 20 steps and don't like it, you can compare what you have done with what was 20 steps ago and revert back to anypoint during those 20 steps.

Zini wrote: Makes sense. Especially with the complexity of the CS.
Zini wrote:
Hircine wrote: the thing i like most about it, is that you will be able to tell if you have accidentally changed something. :)
Zini wrote:
pvdk wrote: About the undo feature: Qt offers a framework for that, this is how it looks:
Zini wrote:
About the undo feature: Qt offers a framework for that, this is how it looks:
Well, that is a user-interface I definitely would not want to use. Completely overloaded with stuff. But we still may be able to make use of the Qt undo feature. Requires more discussion.
pvdk wrote: That's a screenshot of the example shipped with Qt. The relevant part is the Undo stack list containing <empty> as that is the widget we could use, QUndoView. How overloaded our user-interface is going to be will be entirely up to us.
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