Leveled List Implementation

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Leveled List Implementation

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 21:30

Star-Demon wrote: http://bugs.openmw.org/issues/129
MW has two types of levelled list (creatures and items) that are used to implement the infamous scaling feature. We have the levelled list records, but we need to implement spawning of level-dependent creatures and items.

Anyways, I wanted to look at this one for later, but until I fix the make problems so I can have a proper project again, I really shouldn't look at ways at implementing the leveled list until them along with knowing the data I have to work with...

http://cs.elderscrolls.com/constwiki/in ... veled_Item

Otherwise, off the top of my head, We'll need something that finds every leveled creaturelist in a cell, and every n game days, or on first load, every leveled creaturelist in a cell processes on load. How it keeps track of this...well, seems heavy to think of it storing every one it has to keep track of, doesn't it?

I think this one might be predicated on us perfecting the terrain and external cell stuff. Otherwise it's not clear to me when things are loaded and I obviously wouldn't be able to test it for real.

As for containers, they could always process on first opening or on first cell load. Not sure which would be better.

When I look in components/esm or in esmtool, I can't seem to find the way to get any of this information. TBH I would love to work on one of these tasks involving implementing the ESM stuff because figuring out the key to storing and using such a crazy amount of things using this system would prove I deserve a higher grade in my Data Structures course...(and would be a pretty good contribution.)

Any ideas for how we could implement both versions of leveled lists?
Zini wrote: I don't think we are ready for this feature yet. Levelled creature lists will requires creating a new reference in a cell. We can't do that properly yet. There are several issues that must be addressed first.

Since levelled items can be placed outside a container too, this part of the feature has the same problem.

To be honest I haven't given this feature much thought yet (I even missed it initially when I made the task list).
Sslaxx wrote: Also, that page appears to be for Oblivion and not Morrowind, so actual details may well be different.
Star-Demon wrote:
Sslaxx wrote:Also, that page appears to be for Oblivion and not Morrowind, so actual details may well be different.

How funny that I naively googled the tes3CS GUI label and end up in the tes4section...

Out of curiosity, I should check the GECK version, too.

TBH: It probably isn't that different.

Anyways - since the cell environment isn't ready, this is tabled.
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