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Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 21:25

Zini wrote: Finally managed to get a start on the Journal implementation (I did the script interface a while back).

The MW journal system is a lot more complex than I thought. We have basically three separate parts:

1. The main journal (quest entries in chronological order)

2. The quest log (journal entries sorted by quest)

3. The topic records (list of dialogue topics and replies).

I must admit, that I didn't even know about #3 until a few days ago. Rather silly, considering that I played MW quite a bit in my time.

The basic interface for #1 is ready (Journal branch), though it doesn't do anything yet. Unless I am missing something the UESP documentation on the INFO record in incompletely (journal index is missing). Guess I will have to do some more ESM reverse-engineering.
Zini wrote: Seems the journal index is stored in the disposition variable. Okay ...

I will continue to work with it for now. But I am afraid that we have another round of ESM record cleanup and fixing ahead of us.
Zini wrote: Done. Not very well tested though, because testing through the script interface is a bitch. Once the GUI for the journal and the dialogues is there (maybe in 0.12.0?) any remaining hiccups should show up.
ap0 wrote: Could you please add some documentation about the journal to the wiki ?
(Or point me to some doc, and I'll write the wiki article)
Zini wrote: I am not sure what kind of documentation you are looking for or why we would need any in the wiki. The relevant script instructions are Journal, SetJournalIndex and GetJournalIndex. The API can be found in apps/openmw/mwdialogue/journal.hpp.
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