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deOxygen documentation efforts

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 21:13

Star-Demon wrote: I was thinking of taking on the task of putting documentation for DeOxy (and for MSVC?) into the code - but since there's lots of incomplete code - Some places are better to start on than others.

- What places are rock solid right now?
- What classes would you want done the most?
Zini wrote: I took a quick look at our code base and it seems that most classes and functions are documented appropriately. The few areas that are lacking documentation are mostly also those areas that will receive the most drastic changes in the future. I am afraid there is little point in improving the source documentation at the moment.
Star-Demon wrote: The link I found (your github) has few classes that are fully documented. Parameters and methods aren't explained, but I found some good examples somewhere in the sound namespaces. I intended to make all of it like that../
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