Getting involved: the howtos and wherewithals please?

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Getting involved: the howtos and wherewithals please?

Post by lgromanowski » 13 Aug 2011, 16:22

Sslaxx wrote: Some of us out here would like to get more involved with the OpenMW project (it'd allow me to sharpen up my C++ skills for one!). There really isn't any clear way of knowing how to. So could this be answered and explained, if possible?
Zini wrote: Well, first you need an account an github. Then you should fork the openmw repository and start to get comfortable with git. Build openmw, start reading some of the code and when you feel ready, either pick a task from the roadmap or start a discussion here in the forum, if you want to work on something else.
Sslaxx wrote: I assume that I only require a free account?
Zini wrote: Correct.
Sslaxx wrote:
Zini wrote:Correct.
Thanks! Well, I'll get myself a GitHub account set up and take a closer look.
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