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Line endings

Post by lgromanowski » 10 Aug 2011, 22:44

Zini wrote: I get a couple of files marked as changed even though I haven't touched them. Now I am not an expert on git, but I think this might indicate a line ending problem. AFAIR I configured my git client properly, so it is not on my side (could be wrong about it though; first time git user). So most likely this is a relict from development on another platform (it affects mostly old_d_version files, but a modern windows only file too) or someone is using a client with bad line ending configuration.
nicolay wrote: Hmm, I think I converted all the files locally to linux endings at some point, but I might have missed some. Could you list the ones that are wrong?
Zini wrote: # modified: files/plugins.cfg.win32
# modified: old_d_version/media_mygui/
# modified: old_d_version/media_mygui/core.xml
# modified: old_d_version/media_mygui/openmw.font.xml
# modified: old_d_version/media_mygui/openmw.pointer.xml
# modified: old_d_version/media_mygui/openmw_console_layout.xml
# modified: old_d_version/media_mygui/openmw_layers.xml
nicolay wrote: Yup, those files did indeed have DOS line endings. I've fixed it now, lets see if that helps.
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