Unable to Register on Bugtracker

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Unable to Register on Bugtracker

Post by Kolomona » 01 Nov 2018, 02:19

Hello everyone.

I am trying to get familiar with OMW and the Example Suite.

The page Developer checklist

Recommends registering with the Bugtracker but registration appears to be disabled (or broken).

Is having access to the Bugtracker something needed to participate in this project or is it not useful and I should just not worry about it?


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Re: Unable to Register on Bugtracker

Post by lysol » 01 Nov 2018, 09:21

Oh. Right, thanks for noticing. This link is outdated. The current bugtracker is GitLab, see this link: https://gitlab.com/OpenMW/openmw/issues. Not entirely sure if ES uses GitLab though, so I asked DestinedToDie to edit the post.

EDIT: It is gitlab indeed. Of course I could have seen this for myself but I'm at work now so I'm a bit in a hurry. Duh. Anyway, psi updated the post, so you'll find the link to gitlab there now.
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