News RSS feed is broken

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News RSS feed is broken

Post by Rouanth » 22 Apr 2017, 17:30


I've registered here solely to inform you that the RSS feed for the news section ( isn't up to date. Specifically, it lacks the two latest news entries.

Could someone please fix it? RSS is highly convenient for those like me who want to keep an eye on the project but isn't involved enough to regularly check the website.

Sorry for my English, for me it's not a native language.

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Re: News RSS feed is broken

Post by GameEnder » 22 Apr 2017, 19:54

I thought it was Firefox that was broken. My RRS live bookmark wasn't updating for a while as well. At lest I know it isn't just me.

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Re: News RSS feed is broken

Post by lgromanowski » 23 Apr 2017, 05:58

thank you for reporting it. I'll check and try to fix it.
best regards,

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