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by maqifrnswa
17 Mar 2014, 16:54
Forum: General Development
Topic: Code Quality Issues
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Re: Code Quality Issues

taknamay wrote:
wheybags wrote:According to that ohloh page, we currently have 99 people in our git history :D
But a glitch aint' one.
wow... bravo
yes, it's been 4 months - but this quality can't be missed!
by maqifrnswa
12 Mar 2014, 00:15
Forum: Support
Topic: OpenMW and Ubuntu 14.04.
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Re: OpenMW and Ubuntu 14.04.

Yes, I know about the pre-built binaries, but I like to compile it myself. But if the packages are in Trusty anyway, no worries there. In addition to the openmw package, BrotherBrick put a lot of work in other packages to make building openmw extremely easy in trusty. I think trusty the first Ubunt...
by maqifrnswa
11 Mar 2014, 04:02
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW 0.29.0
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Re: OpenMW 0.29.0

WeirdSexy wrote:

alright, revised video is up.

besides the obvious (needs more spears), great job as usual!
by maqifrnswa
05 Mar 2014, 17:12
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW Daily Build PPA
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Re: OpenMW Daily Build PPA

I think the daily builds are now at a point where we can let more people know about them: as long as it goes along with a disclaimer that they are intended for testing and finding bugs in the development branch. THERE WILL BE SPEARS BUGS! Maybe upd...
by maqifrnswa
18 Feb 2014, 22:09
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW Daily Build PPA
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Re: OpenMW Daily Build PPA

We should make sure to do a blog post about this? And put a link to it on the Downloads page? Like all new things, I think it would be good to have a little bit of testing first before putting it out in the public. Maybe let some people use it during RC testing, and if things go well advertise it m...
by maqifrnswa
18 Feb 2014, 21:27
Forum: Organisation and Planning
Topic: OpenMW Daily Build PPA
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OpenMW Daily Build PPA

Hello all, With BrotherBrick's help, i've been able to set up an automated build PPA for openmw: This is available for 12.10 (quantal), 13.10 (saucy), and 14.04 (trusty). $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:openmw/openmw-daily $ sudo apt-get update ...
by maqifrnswa
17 Feb 2014, 16:28
Forum: Feature Requests and Suggestions
Topic: Version/Build number in Launcher window
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Re: Version/Build number in Launcher window

I've been experimenting with nightly builds in an ubuntu PPA. I have them all set up, but they fail because the packages dosn't know the git revision since the code doesn't come from git. I know sirh is woking on it, once it is fixed they will be available here:
by maqifrnswa
12 Feb 2014, 22:03
Forum: General
Topic: Brokem Scripts
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Re: Brokem Scripts

Zini wrote:I m starting to wonder how Morrowind.esm can work at all.
Funny, I always was amazed about that - it's seems to be held together with duck tape and bubblegum where bugs have become features...

Great job tackling this mess! Thank you!
by maqifrnswa
10 Feb 2014, 02:28
Forum: Join the team
Topic: QT C++ what?
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Re: QT C++ what?

WeirdSexy wrote:I am a loser.
by maqifrnswa
06 Feb 2014, 21:42
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: English news poll
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Re: English news poll

Hey Igro, if I may be so bold - can I "native-speaker-ize" the most recent news post? So, dear reader, for the first time (or once again if you’re long-time lurker) you visited OpenMW blog to find out what’s going on in the project and to check if we didn’t craftily released version 1.0.0 in your ab...