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by Berandas
09 Apr 2013, 14:50
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: Modding Tutorials on Wiki
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Modding Tutorials on Wiki

Hey guys! Since you are creating the new Construction Set for OpenMW, which will bring a little revolution in Morrowind modding, it certainly will need some tutorials for unexperienced people who would like to add their own content. I guess you plan to create a tutorials page on your wiki, doing so,...
by Berandas
15 Feb 2013, 20:35
Forum: Example-Suite
Topic: Berandas' Meshes
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Berandas' Meshes

Hello guys! I'd like to offer you some of my meshes I created for Morrowind. All meshes are made by me and from scratch, textures ar...
by Berandas
15 Feb 2013, 20:21
Forum: Support
Topic: Bug report for 0.21
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Re: Bug report for 0.21

Hello guys, I have just tested your last release candidate and I found some issues. Although I'm watching your forums nearly every day for several years, I have no clear idea what exactly is implemeted and what is not, so if I mention something pointless, just don't pay attention to it. :-) First th...