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by Zini
06 Aug 2011, 15:28
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: Tracker
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The conformation link I get from tracker registration is invalid. Also, could we change the link on the main page from "Submit a feature or a bug" into "Submit a bug"? So far we don't accept feature requests on the tracker (there is a forum section and a wiki page for them).
by Zini
06 Aug 2011, 15:21
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: Moddb
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Re: Moddb

I leave that part to you guys. Wasn't planning to get involved in the PR stuff anyway. But to be honest this site pisses me off a bit. They are asking way more information in their registration page than they should (pretty sure that what they are doing wouldn't be entirely legal in my country). Sor...
by Zini
06 Aug 2011, 15:18
Forum: Infrastructure
Topic: Wiki
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Can we please stop adding content to the wiki for now? The plan is to restore the old wiki from whatever caches we can acquire. At best the new stuff will be redundant. But a lot of the new content is factual wrong or at least very imprecise.